25 April 2024

Eclectic France

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Hoppy Corner – Craft Beer in Paris

There are quite a few craft beer bars in Paris now but one of the best is Hoppy Corner in the Second Arrondissement. You can find it easily about midway between the Rex cinema and the Rue Montorgueil on a quiet little street.

If you like your real ales or craft beers this is a good place to visit. It’s not big but there is always a good selection of beers. Some are brewed in Paris, some from elsewhere in France and many from even further afield. The list changes frequently and the bar has a list with prices, strengths and basic tasting notes on a blackboard. The staff are knowledgable and friendly.

It’s usually busy so if you want to sit down you’ll need to arrive early or be patient and wait until someone leaves.

Of course, this being Paris, the prices won’t allow you to get too carried away with an all-night session. But the prices are no higher than you’d expect to pay for a Heineken or Kronenbourg in many local bars. I know what and where I’d rather be drinking.

Finding craft beer and real ale in Paris is getting easier thanks to venues like Hoppy Corner. And if you don’t want a beer, they also serve a decent selection of wines and other drinks.