25 April 2024

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Craft Beer in Pigalle

There’s a good choice of craft beers on offer at L’Intrepide bar. Some are available at the very reasonable price of around five euros for a 50cl during the evening Happy Hour. This relatively new bar for craft beer in Pigalle is close to the Moulin Rouge. It’s well worth a stop-off when looking around this famous part of Paris.

L'Intrepide bar in Pigalle offers a wide selection of craft beers made in its own brewery as well as a number of guest beers.
The menu at L’Intrepide

The bar is owned by Demory, one of the growing number of craft breweries in and around Paris. It’s very much a beer drinker’s place. They have around a dozen on tap at any time, mostly their own but always with a few guests. The selection includes all the usual suspects – including the ubiquitous IPA.

Unlike some other bars we’ve been in, the choice covered a good range of strengths. You can opt for the “normal” (around 4% ABV) or go for something somewhat “higher”. This means you don’t have to go all-in just to have a leisurely drink when sightseeing or on the way home from work.

If you want to sample a few beers without buying full measures you can try a selection of any four with their “Beer Flight” degustation. We’ve seen this idea at real ale pubs in the UK, and now increasingly in France. It’s good if you want to try different styles and flavours without overdoing it.

For food, although we didn’t try any, the plates of cheese and charcuterie looked good.

The bar was relatively busy during our visit early on a Monday evening at the beginning of February. There’s no doubt it gets a lot busier later in the evening and over the weekend. But that’s good.

The main bar is at street level. The decor is fairly minimalist but the evoked the belle-epoque. Perhaps it was more authentic than we thought. There’s another bar downstairs in a vaulted cellar with bare stone.

L’Intrepide is a great place to discover craft beer in Pigalle and it’s one of the growing number of similar venues in Paris. We’ll certainly return when we have the chance.